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I mer än 40 år har vår tillverkare Spacelabs Healthcare (tidigare DelMar Reynolds) agerat som innovatör inom Holter-monitorering. Från de funktionsrika inspelningsenheter och avancerade analyssystem till olika plattformar inom informationsmanagement, fortsätter Spacelabs att förse specialister världen över med pålitlig, skalbar och noggrann Holter.

Senaste inom Digital Holter inspelning

  • 7-dagars inspelning av EKG
  • Snabb och noggrann Holter analys
  • Bra, VT, Asys, AV


Impresario is simple to use, interactive and available as a kit or complete system. A comprehensive set of options are available to suit individual requirements.

  • The ultimate in digital recording technology
  • Easy to use – easy to learn
  • Proven Diagnostic Superiority
  • Holter Kit or Complete System

Impresario provides a number of tools to enable the operator to edit the analysis results and compile a complete report. The beat confirm mode option gives the operator interactive control to enable more detailed classifications of beat morphology’s as required.

Impresario provides an entry level, cost effective Holter system that has the flexibility to be enhanced, or upgraded to suit individual performance or specification requirements.

Impresario embodies the classic prospective scanning methodology, trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide. Now, Del Mar Reynolds brings you both prospective interactive scanning with a dynamic visual display, and retrospective beat and event review in a high performance, network enabled system. Impresario offers an enhanced level of control for the operator, mainly due to its unique prospective scanning methodology and analysis tools. This allows the operator to confirm each new morphology or event as it occurred, in context.

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Easy to Use

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