A9 Anestesiarbetsstation

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  • 18.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, with flexible rotation for 360 degree angle of view
  • Electronic flowmeter with traditional ease-to-use knobs, supporting multiple setting methods
  • System administrator screen allowing easy viewing of the system status to help quickly troubleshoot
  • High Flow Nasal Cannula
  • Direct setting of total flow and O2 concentration with maximum flow up to 100L/min
  • Built-in design with no additional gas or power source to remove clutter and save space
  • Quick start-up for emergency situations to improve patient saturation instantly
  • Automatic Controlled Anesthesia (ACA)
  • Direct setting of the target EtAA and FiO2 reduces user interaction of fresh gas and vaporizer settings
  • Delivery of fresh gas and agent is adjusted cycle by cycle to rapidly respond to changes in patient status, keeping a stable level of anesthesia during surgery
  • Innovative breathing system for ICU-level ventilation
  • Adaptive Minute Ventilation Mode (AMV) allows easy switchover between controlled and spontaneous ventilation without extra adjustment
  • Transpulmonary pressure monitoring
  • Lung Recruitment Tool
  • TV/IBW indicator

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